We want to inform you that Urgent Wellness physicians and staff are here for you during these unprecedented times. 

All our locations are open, and we are also offering Telehealth visits so you can do your visits from the safety and comfort of your home.

 We will continue to monitor ongoing developments closely and will adjust our actions according to CDC guidelines. We will also learn and adapt our plans and measures based on new ideas, customer feedback, and other developments.

We remain committed to providing the utmost care that our patients have come to expect from us, despite a modified method of interaction with patients.

We will be “social distancing.”

Thank you for your continued trust in our company and for allowing us to be your provider.

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our employees, partners, and patients. Our business is 100 percent operational, and we have prepared an action plan to ensure we can maintain our service level while ensuring the health and safety of all that interact with our business.

We closely monitor any developments regarding COVID-19 safety measures and will implement updates as needed.

Below is an overview of the safety precautions we have implemented to protect you, the patients, and our employees, moving forward.

We take hygiene and cleanliness standards very seriously and are taking additional steps to ensure our patients’ and employees’ safety. Daily, the management team is vigorously working to ensure that we meet the latest hygiene and cleaning guidance. Our health and safety measures are designed to address a broad spectrum of viruses, including COVID-19, with a focus on hand-washing hygiene, cleaning product specifications in our clinics,

Employee Health, Safety, and Knowledge Here are some of the ways our staff is practicing safe

Hand Hygiene: Proper and frequent hand-washing is vital to help combat the spread of viruses.

Ongoing Training: In addition to our regular training, we are completing enhanced COVID-19 awareness training as a team.

Potential Exposure: Employees who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, those who live with someone showing signs, or anyone who has been exposed to the virus are mandated not to come to work.

We utilize cleaning products and protocols which are effective against viruses. We’ve reinforced our existing clinic cleaning procedures with the team and are focusing on:

High-Touch Items: We’ve increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in high-touch items, with a focus on product sections, including product boards and samples, as well as administrative areas.

Public Spaces: We’ve increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in public spaces, focusing on the counter at the front desk and door handles.

Back Office: In the spaces where employees work “behind the scenes,” we increase the frequency of cleaning and focusing on high-touch areas like staff entrances, offices, conference rooms, and patient areas.